Please re-do your feeds!

A number of folks I’ve bumped into lately ask me why I stopped blogging.

I haven’t.  I  simply can’t maintain both of my blogs, work, travel, and have a life.  So, while I may continue to post in this blog occasionally, I have an obligation to post on SLJ space.  So please, please link to NeverEnding Search here.

Here’s the direct feed:

I hope you will continue to follow me to my other space. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Please re-do your feeds!

  1. Thanks for this Joyce. I tried to resubscribe directly on Friday at the conference. It’s too bad that SLJ doesn’t support RSS or feeds directly for any of their blogs. It must limit the use of their blog family

  2. Poke SLJ and ask them to provide the full text of your articles into their feeds. Currently the feed only gives about 100 characters to my Google Reader and asks me to click through to get more. I hate being an rss bigot, but when I see that I typically unsubscribe.

  3. I’m chiming in here with John and Stephen, SLJ needs to send the full feed to RSS readers. I can’t waste my time with click-throughs. I don’t care if they feed me ads too–it’s worth my time not to have to click through to SLJ to read. 🙁

  4. Dear SLJ via this blog comment:
    I too want the full feed. My reader is full of other full feeds, and unless I am snagged from the short intro, I do not follow through (unless its Joyce of course.) Using a reader saves me time, and by golly sometimes it takes TOO long to click through to a another blog. Its a downright bother actually. C’mon! listen to the readers. We want the WHOLE post here in the reader…

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