NECC: If you missed the thrill of being there

Just in case you were not among the 18 thousand or so at NECC last week in Atlanta, enhanced podcasts are the next best thing to being there.

Apple Learning Interchange just posted 23 presentations –voice and slides–that are likely to inform and inspire. Speakers include MIT’s Mitch Resnick, NECC CEO Don Knezek’s reflections, Ian Jukes on learning environments, Doug Johnson on 21st century libraries and classrooms, and Helen Barrett on digital storytelling.

My presentation with my colleague Ken Rodoff is located here.

My one worry.  Don’t listen to this if you are planning to hear us at November Learning later this month!

3 thoughts on “NECC: If you missed the thrill of being there

  1. Ooooh, my “geeky” side is showing…. I get really excited (almost giddy, really) when I find out about great podcasts and virtual presentations that I can access. Thanks for sharing this link. Is it sad that I now listen to Ed. Tech. podcasts instead of my favorite tunes while out walking my dog or running on the treadmill?

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