Back in 1996, when I started my Philadelphia Inquirer column, the Web was an infant.  In more than ten years, techlife@school allowed (sometimes forced) me to reach, to learn, and to share with readers–in this region and beyond–the excitement of watching that baby grow. 

It was cool to be a columnist with a laboratory.  When I reviewed applications and websites, I watched my learners, and my children, use them.  When I talked about issues, I asked my students, my children, fellow educators, and fellow parents how they felt. 

Along the way, I met, and interviewed. and had drinks with, and danced with many of the heroes of the ed tech world.  I won’t list their names, but those conversations inspired me, rocked my world, and pushed me as an educator. 

I tried to convey the excitement I regularly feel about the kind of learning that happens when technology is used thoughtfully and creatively and when we as teachers learn to incorporate relevant, emerging tools in our practice.

My section editor called yesterday to explain the Knight-Ridder cutbacks and to gently let me know that techlife@school was one of the columns to go. 

On the down side, I will miss the opportunities the column provided for me to grow and learn. 

On the up side, this blog provides an alternate forum.  My words here do not have the benefit of the touch of my dear, long-time editor, Rhonda, but they can be a little bit looser and they will no longer be strapped to weekly or bi-monthly deadlines.

And with those deadlines out of the way, I should be able to devote time to dissertation writing.


  1. Harold Jarche

    One door closes and another one opens. Since I don’t read the Inquirer, I’m looking forward to more blog posts :-)

  2. Joyce

    Thanks for the optimistic note, Harold! Enjoyed the EdTechTalk last night.

  3. Karen

    While it’s sad news to hear that your column is culminating, Joyce, congratulations on a tremendous body of work over the past decade. You’ve done a great service for the ed tech community in the Philadelphia region.

  4. Administrator

    Thank you for those very kind words, Karen! I so appreciate your support.

  5. Kim

    Joyce, I’m sorry to hear that your Philly column is ending, but glad to know that I can still learn from you here! Thank you for the professional development you have provided to so many of us (and continue to provide) through workshops, conferences, messages on LM_NET and the Neverending Search!